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Professional Knives | Supreminox

Professional Knives

Imagine a range of knives designed and thought for the hotel professional, with top quality finishes, presence at the table, maximum coverage and able to cover all your needs. Here you will find it: knives made of stainless steel, precise cut, and high durability. You will only have to choose!

Professional Knives

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Accuracy and quality in your professional kitchen

When choosing a professional knife, you should pay attention to both the blade and its handle; that is comfortable, agile, and that adheres well to your hand. A knife is the best ally for a chef, and we know that well in Supreminox, that's why we have selected two ranges of professional knives: Knives for Chef and Ceramic Knives.

Both series have a wide variety of pieces adapted to the use and the needs of the cooks: filleting knives, for boning; monitors; the ham holder ... and the specifics that can not be missing in any current kitchen: Santoku knife, the chef's knife or the bread knives; for vegetables. With the Supreminox professional knives lines, both the chef and the ceramic, you will cover all your gastro needs in kitchenware.

Discover our chef knives and enjoy the highest quality and precision in your cuts.