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Kitchen Accesories

Chef Utensils & Tools

Kitchen utensils needed for the chef in their day to day, designed with firmness, decisive and effective. Here you will find a suitable answer to your needs in the kitchen: graters, kitchen tongs or spatulas that speed up the work of the chef. Get to know the chef's tools that have the most output!

Chef Utensils & Tools

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Professional utensils for the chef

Professional tweezers, made of stainless steel, graters of medium step, thickness ... Kitchen utensils that facilitate the daily work of the chef. In Supreminox we have worked in a complete, delicate range and designed to measure the needs of the cook. With our professional tweezers you can work with precision the decoration of your dishes, help you to manipulate the different foods. It is a basic professional kitchenware in the hotel industry. No cook dispenses with the help he can give him. Here you will find some of our most effective pincers models. The kitchen tongs are, together with the graters, an excellent kitchenware. In addition, its versatility has no limits. Ask us!