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Crystal Tableware | Supreminox

Crystal Tableware

Come now to this new presentation in professional table service: glass bottles for hotels. This is our glassware for presentation of food: elegant, fun and very practical. Meet her here!

Crystal Tableware

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Glass bottles for the hotel industry

Impact your customers with our selection of glass bottles to present your tapas, dressings, fried or sausages .... Whatever you can think of with this original table service. Manufactured in glass, this catering utensil concentrates all eyes. Very elegant, colorful, with a design that plays with the shapes and the quality and resistance necessary to succeed in day to day.

They are ideal for caterings, showcookings and wine tastings; but also to serve appetizers and tapas in bars and restaurants. In different ways, you can opt for glass bottles or flat fluids bottles. Both, combining colors and styles. Expand your professional menu to this new proposal for the presentation of food in the hotel industry!