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Casseroles | Supreminox


A great tool for professional kitchens and the home. Casseroles have no secrets for our R+D team. We have worked with precision, focusing on their resistance, whether they're made from 18/10 steel or with a ceramic coating, as well as on their durability. With an elegant design and glass lids, they are designed to save energy. Look no further for all the features you could want in your cookware.


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The most versatile in the kitchen

Essential pans for the daily life of a good cook. In Supreminox we dedicate time and innovation to the design of this range of kitchenware, to make it as unique as functional and that gives answers to the needs of the professional. Supreminox pans add strength, safety and quality to your stews and recipes. It is a kitchenware to which you will give constant and effective use. They are made of stainless steel, with a lid suitable for each measurement. Its exclusive internal coating provides an excellent distribution of heat throughout the base of the pan. If you want to buy a professional casserole this is your place.