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Indispensible items, which are extremely useful in the kitchen, in strong demand as they are so practical and in every shape and size imaginable; this is your first contact with the Supreminox rattan baskets, a piece of kitchenware which is noted for its functionality as it can be used as a bread basket, fruit bowl, etc. Extremely hygienic and resistant for cleaning as they are laminated, our rattan baskets come in different shapes, including oval, square and round.


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Multifunction baskets for the hotel owner

The baskets of poly rattan is the new functional table service for the innkeeper. They are baskets designed for food, in which to serve all kinds of food with all the guarantees of quality and service. Both round and oval, with or without handles, they are very practical, comfortable and resistant as a table service, perfectly combinable with each other. Practical baskets for food use, functional, with different sizes and shapes and adapted to the daily needs of the room.

This is the poly Rattan baskets that Supreminox offers to the hospitality professional. Of the most versatile that you will find in table service. In addition to simple, light and comfortable to use, they offer a complete response to the hotelier and are very easy to miliar and store. You can use them as a bread basket, presentation of fruits or nuts or any type of food; also as organizer of cutlery, to present sandwiches, pancakes, falafeles, burritos; in buffets, foodtrucks ...

The uses do not end. We invite you to know them. Now, we have also expanded the range, with the new line of baskets from Rattan Black.