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Basket chips

A real revolution for catering in terms of tableware. The mini chip baskets for side dishes are: elegant, fun and very practical, to present all types of fried food, tempura or crisps in small or mini portions. An unmistakable distinguishing mark that you must find out more about in all of its shapes and sizes!


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Basket Chips and mini shopping baskets for tapas

A complete line of baskets, fun, original and very practical to present all kinds of fried foods, tempura or chips in small portions or minis. Unmistakable sign of identity for your bar or restaurant of which you have to know all its shapes and sizes! The baskets chips provide an unassuming and very original style to your professional table service thanks to its design -simulate the baskets of a kitchen fryer- and its design: functional and versatile, adapted so that you can serve with them all kinds of rations, tapas, fried, tempura that you can think of.

The combination of the different baskets with each other, with their disparity of sizes and shapes - round, square, in the form of a cone for serving fried foods, snacks or appetizers in an original way - make them, besides being very functional and comfortable to use, attractive in the eyes of the customer who will look for this table service as a plus when choosing local. Come now to this new revolution in professional table service for the hotelier in terms of table services. These are the mini basketball basket baskets: elegant, fun and very practical. Ask us for basket baskets here!