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Chef Knives | Supreminox

Chef Knives

The best investment is a good professional knife and in Supreminox we have a wide variety for your kitchen. All with the highest quality standards. We present our line Chef of professional knives: the most complete and effective. There is to choose!

Chef Knives

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The cutting professionals

These VANADIUM MOLYBDENUM® stainless steel knives are made with a combination of materials that increase the strength and strength of the blade, reducing its exposure to corrosion. And the result is resistant knives, whose life lengthens considerably for the benefit of the professional, thus maximizing his work in the kitchen. Supreminox Chef knives stand out for their extreme initial cutting capacity, the hardness of their blade and the quality of their cut. The Supreminox professional chef knives also stand out for their POLIOXIMETHYLENE HANDLE (POM), with an ergonomic design resistant to the usual wear and tear for everyday use. A set that provides flexibility and safety when using any of our knives.

There is a knife of these characteristics for every need. With them you can chop, chop, filetear, cut, shred all kinds of food. To keep them perfect for longer, at Supreminox you will also find the right sharpener and the most professional chiara. You have it here!