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Cutlery Sets

When it comes to buying cutlery sets, at Supreminox we offer you an extensive collection of cutlery ranges to choose from. Made from stainless steel of different qualities according to the customer's needs -18/10 and 18/0 for the Baguette, Polar and Olimpia ranges-, this tableware ranges from modern and simple designs to more classic styles, such as everyday cutlery for use on any table.

Cutlery Sets

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Style and elegance on your table

Defined by their profiled shapes, resistance and durability. But there is more: a wide selection of cutlery forming each set with pieces that set them apart thanks to their originality.

The Supreminox cutlery offers the right solution to the needs of a very wide-ranging clientele seeking custom solutions. Years of experience listening to the market to meet the needs of the professional and domestic audience.

It is a case of giving a good image, looking after the presentation, dealing with the details and leaving the end customers with a pleasant taste in their mouth, in every sense of the word. So, without a doubt: it is best to choose experts like us, Supreminox, when buying cutlery.

Complete cutlery lines, made of stainless steel, and with all the coverage you need to dress your tables; of modern designs, with delicate finishes, clean and stylish. The different ranges of Supreminox cutlery are intertwined and combined to offer the hospitality professional a very complete and exquisite selection from which to choose.

Sobriety, classicism, current touches ... Covers that speak for themselves of what you are and what you offer to your customers, all without losing sight of the precision and effectiveness you are looking for at the table. The usual lines are extended with Brisa, Levante families or the solidity of the ternasco range. Choose the one you choose, you will enjoy it, providing warmth and personality to your establishment.

With Supreminox cutlery we give the right solution to the needs of a very heterogeneous clientele that looks for customized solutions. These are years of experience, listening to the market to meet the demands of the professional public and also of the domestic sphere. We talk about giving a good image, take care of the presentation, taking care of the details and leaving the final customer a good taste in every way. Then, without a doubt: to buy a cutlery, better that it is with experts like us, Supreminox.