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Enter to the HORECA World and discover all breaking news of the most exciting sector. In Supreminox, we want to share news about our launching series and products as well as everything related to the catering and hospitality sector .

In our News section you can follow our professional kitchenware & tableware products for your professional kitchen such as food presentation, bar and cocktail accessories, professional knives and your table service. Do not miss our hint... Follow us!

Mini Porcelain Plates and Bowls for Appetizers & Degustations Summer is the best time to surprise customers with tapas and tasting dishes. The freshness of the food makes the flavors more intense and allows the development of gastronomic creations. It is a great opportunity for chefs to let imagination and creativity fly with the aim of achieving an explosion of flavor in the mouth.Read More
27/07/2018 20:01 By W4C W4C

Gourmet Miniatures in your kitchen: Ideas for serving your dishes

In the following, we’ll show you how to distinguish your dishes with mini cast iron cookware as your foundation. This collection of gourmet miniatures will allow you to present every type of cuisine at the perfect temperature and directly on your client’s table. From entrecote, foie gras, soups, and creams...and so much more! Specifically, for your service, we have designed different mini cast iron cookware pieces with innovative aesthetics so that your dishes can shine in presentations that set themselves aside from the rest.  

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27/06/2017 14:46 By Supreminox
Natural slate plates and supports. They will transform your table!
Any recipe is ideal for the natural slate catering plates and trays designed in different sizes and shapes by Supreminox. They are suitable for catering, to present a menu or to add a sophisticated touch to the table. How? With style and a full range of slate supports, all non-slip and resistant.
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15/03/2017 12:15 By Supreminox

How to use the Supreminox Santoku Chef knife

This Supreminox professional Santoku knife has another added value: it is manufactured from stainless steel with a special alloy of materials, including Molybdenum Vanadium®, which gives it maximum durability. This knife, therefore, has extra strength, allowing it to withstand intensive use in the kitchen. Thus, it is no surprise that it has a very hard blade, rated 54 – 56 HRC.
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03/02/2017 11:26 By Supreminox

Food Trucks: Gourmet Street Gastronomy

Food trucks have revolutionized the outdoor dining concept by merging gastronomy and entertainment with a focus on gourmet and a cosmopolitan approach that is magnetizing. A natural fit for atmospheres such as: music festivals, cultural events, food and drink events, and culinary expositions… A perfect opportunity to sample culinary specialties that are created in Food Trucks, a small kitchen space on wheels, perfectly and fully equipped, with exceptional exterior designs that draw in clients, custom built, and that has the capacity to fulfill any foodies’ appetite; thanks to the skills of hospitality professionals. Culinary experts from renowned restaurants have become urban culinary entrepreneurs and have surpassed the hot dog and local street food stands – implementing a touch of sophistication that is irresistible.
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03/02/2017 11:23 By Supreminox

How to run a successful catering business

If you want the flavors and aromas from your kitchen to transcend visually, as a professional caterer you know what you have to do - utilize catering utensils that are tailored to your cuisine and, more importantly, surpasses your clients’ expectations. How do you know if you are using the right utensils? Simply evaluate your specific needs as a professional caterer
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03/02/2017 11:16 By Supreminox
Wooden Chalkboard Serving Trays: Impress Foodies with this Tableware
At Supreminox we ensure good taste and originality when presenting your dishes and unique recipes. With that in mind, we have launched our new gourmet selection to revolutionize professional kitchens with our miniatures, preservation cans, and most recently, with our wooden chalkboard serving trays to charm any client.
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27/01/2017 12:15 By Supreminox
Choose the best professional tableware for tapas!
Designed to be both attractive and durable, this most exquisite range in tableware for tapas includes snack tins: a very useful catering accessory similar to the tins used in the food sector. The snack tins are adapted to the needs of your premises and your customers; they will provide your establishment with a relaxed, original touch that will set you apart from the competition.
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27/01/2017 12:15 By Supreminox