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  • cutlery serie cosmos 18/0 cutlery serie cosmos 18/0

cutlery serie cosmos 18/0

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Discover Cutlery Cosmos 18/0 Line from Supreminox: design, originality and elegance in every piece. Place your order at Supreminox!
Product Description Dimensions U/Pack Qty

Ref: 0301E

moka spoon - 120

Ref: 0302E

coffee spoon - 120

Ref: 0303E

lunch fork - 120

Ref: 0304E

table spoon - 120

Ref: 0305E

table fork - 120

Ref: 0306E

dessert spoon - 120

Ref: 0307E

dessert fork - 120

Ref: 0308E

table knife serie cosmos 18/0 - 120

Ref: 0309E

lunch knife serie cosmos 18/0 - 120

Ref: 0310E

steak knife serie cosmos 18/0 - 120

Ref: 0311E

fish knife - 120

Ref: 0312E

fish fork - 120

Ref: 0313E

cake shovel - 12

Ref: 0314E

ladle - 12

Ref: 0315E

serving spoon - 12

Ref: 0316E

serving fork - 12

Ref: 0317E

soup spoon - 12

Ref: 0318E

dessert knife - 120
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At 2-mm thick, the cutlery in this range of professional cutlery stands out for its harmonious style. Long and very attractive pieces to achieve an effect of elegance and distinction at the table. Now you can try it for yourself

Additional Information

U. / pack No
Line cosmos 18/0
Material 18/0 inox
Thickness 2 mm.