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Wooden Tableware

Have you heard about the new Supreminox natural acacia wood serving boards? If not, you now have the opportunity to streamline your tableware and make it more attractive and functional with this new eco-friendly industry accessory.

Wooden Tableware

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Wooden Trasy, Plates, Boxes & more

As well as being very practical and resistant, Supreminox natural acacia wood serving boards are 100% ecological. Choose your favourite model or buy them all and design your own combinations! Once you try them you will not be able to do without them. These Supreminox wood serving boards transform the way traditional restaurant fare is presented, whether it be tapas, sauces or platters for sharing, or indeed rolls, sandwiches or selections of cold cuts and cheeses, the most popular choices. These serving boards are notably original and have the advantage that they can be used either as trays or for presenting combined selections, for example, bread with a range of accompaniments such as butter, olive oil, jams and marmalades, along with the corresponding cutlery. This 100% natural tableware item is ideal for presenting selections of breads, cheeses, pates and even desserts. The success of these eco-friendly wood serving boards lies in convenience and attractiveness of form: they are both easy to clean and designed for transporting and serving all types of food and drinks, as well as being a plus for the customer, who will enjoy them as much as the delicacies they bear. If you feel like giving your bar or restaurant a face-lift or if you are looking for a formula that goes better with the decor in your establishment, why not try the new Supreminox natural wood presentation boards. These 100% natural, ecological, resistant and creative tableware items are ideal for the presentation of tapas, rolls, sandwiches, appetisers or whatever else you may have in mind. There is a board for every occasion, so why not lend an elegant, sophisticated touch to your table service. Discover our natural acacia wood presentation boards and place your order online!