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  • squeezy bottle transparent squeezy bottle transparent

squeezy bottle transparent

Quick Overview

Try our Squeezy Bottle to measure for your needs and keep vinaigrettes, flavoured oils and even mustard and other more demanding sauces.
Product Description Dimensions U/Pack Qty

Ref: 1956

squeezy bottle transparent 240 ml. 24

Ref: 1957

squeezy bottle transparent 360 ml. 24

Ref: 1958

squeezy bottle transparent 720 ml. 24

Ref: 1959

squeezy bottle transparent 1000 ml. 24
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As a piece of kitchen equipment designed for intensive use, Supreminox has borne in mind all the details to achieve a dispenser that is up to the expectations of the sector. The fact that it closes with a lid helps to keep the product with all guarantees

Additional Information

U. / pack N/A
Line No
Material plastic
Thickness 0