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Cocktail & Wine

Take advantage of your bar service with our cocktail and wine accessories. Discover the elegance and practicality of each of our bar utensils and surprise your guests. Supreminox has designed a professional line of cocktail accessories to facilitate and give elegance to your bar. Come here to our Cocktail & Wine line and prepare the best drinks and cocktails with our barman utensils.

Cocktail & Wine

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Professional cocktails

Cocktail utensils, professional design, translators, effective and necessary for the bartender and coctailman; a good selection of this barware you will find here. Made to measure, with essential functions, resistant and with the maximum precision, our line of cocktail ware is described: measuring cups, gin spoons, bar organizers, tweezers, ice buckets or cocktail shakers, in their classic and avant-garde versions, are some of the pieces that you can buy with all the guarantees of quality and services.

At Supreminox we listen to the needs of hospitality professionals to ensure that our offer matches the needs of the sector as much as possible.