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Stainless steel wine cooler

Made from stainless steel with different capacities –for one, two and three bottles-  and accompanied by their corresponding stands to fit each one, the wine coolers we offer at Supreminox are noted for their elegance, resistance and versatile nature. This is a utensil designed for professionals, to ensure the champagne or wine is in its place and served with the maximum flavour.

List of available Stainless steel wine cooler

The differences? They are in the details. We have innovated a key aspect: the handles. Our wine coolers have reinforced rounded handles to withstand weight and a system that makes it easier and more practical to carry them around the room: the ring-shaped handles only lift to a 90º angle, preventing them from being dropped and making them easy to use. 

At Supreminox we have worked carefully on ensuring the wine coolers play a leading role and, more particularly, that they are long-lasting and meet the expectations of professionals.