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Miniatures Presentation Gourmet

Mini ceramic saucepans, miniature trays, mini snack tins for catering, mini pots and a wide range of miniature kitchenware for the hospitality industry. 
Discover them here! Supreminox has everything you need to make your gastronomic presentations really different and special. Tapas can now be served in miniature with sophisticated tableware adapted to every occasion. 
Whether you are serving a fried starter or an elaborate casserole served as tapas ... 
Supreminox has the solution. 

List of available Miniatures Presentation Gourmet

This miniature tapas tableware will set you apart from your competitors. This complete range of catering utensils from Supreminox includes everything from the famous ceramic pots, available in an attractive red colour, to the original snack tins in miniature size. Pots, trays, mini sauce boats, casserole pots and tiny frying pans made of resistant materials and with excellent quality. Ideal for transforming your tableware into a real treat for the senses.
Discover an extensive and versatile range to add to your tableware collection. The hospitality miniatures are striking in themselves, but then there is also the perfection of their design, giving them a unique, fun and very personal style to captivate your clients.
This miniature tableware can be freely combined; it can be used for catering, for serving hot and cold tapas and to display the best dishes offered by your establishment. The practicality you need. This miniature tableware from Supreminox meets your expectations perfectly!
A delight for hospitality professionals and a challenge to attract attention and be at the gastronomic forefront. We invite you to choose the range that suits your needs best: a wide range of items in this miniature tapas tableware awaits you!