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Ceramic frying pans

This is the new generation of healthy frying pans with which we have revolutionised the market and the range of professional frying pans available. Our wide range of ceramic frying pans have an exclusive inner coating which ensures they are free from the molecules that are harmful to health. Perfect for the most demanding and environmentally friendly

List of available Ceramic frying pans

Applus+ certifies this line of induction frying pans through the EN ISO 12983-1 standards. With an attractive shape and a spotless finish, they are also ideal for use on ceramic, electric and gas hobs, providing a practical and quality solution to professionals in the sector.

They are 3 millimetres thick. Being ceramic frying pans, they are non-stick, efficient and can be used to prepare any food. In addition, they can be put in the dishwasher for a final cleaning. These ceramic induction frying pans combine innovation with ultimate practicality.