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If you're looking for cutlery, prepare to be amazed at Supreminox. As experts who are attentive to market developments and the tableware requirements of hotels, restaurants and individuals, at Supreminox we know how to cater for even the most demanding customers, with cutlery that offers a combination of style, shapes, quality and functionality.

List of available Cutlery

The result is a wide range of products that suit all tastes and meet the priorities of professionals and domestic customers alike. The cutlery sets are a league of their own. Our full collections include pieces that range from classic soberness to carefully designed innovation. Details are highlighted here, resulting in a wide range with options that adapt to different attributes, providing custom solutions to professionals in the sector.
The specialist cutlery is a good example of the importance that Supreminox places on learning about market trends. Designed for specific uses, it is a must on the table and provides a touch of sophistication and modernity that caterers and diners are able to appreciate.
Resistant cutlery with defined lines and characteristic design and innovation is what you will find at Supreminox.