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About Supreminox

Who we are

40 years manufacturing

A modern company, at the forefront of technology and development, present in 27 countries and capable of constant innovation in its products designed for the catering industry. That's Supreminox.
Founded in 1970 by Jordi Bach Casas, we began our journey with a family business, specialising in kitchenware for the hospitality industry. Over fifty years later it has been our constant ability to adapt to market requirements which has made our catalogue of products one of the most comprehensive and innovative in the sector. As pioneers for introducing ecological frying pans (with a ceramic coating enabling teflon to be replaced) to the professional environment, at Supreminox we believe in innovation to continue opening up the market. After frying pans, ecological rings or ceramic knives set the standard for design, quality and development which characterises our catalogue of products.
Our premises, situated in Vilassar de Mar, in Barcelona's El Maresme province, serve as a factory, warehouse and headquarters. And some of the firm's most traditional pieces are still manufactured today.
Yes. As Supreminox we have secured ourselves a leading position in kitchenware and a major part of this recognition can be attributed to our investment in R+D.

Constant Stock

Modern facilities and constant stock

90% of the daily orders placed with Supreminox are completed on the same day. How is this immediate response achieved? Various factors play a part: space, technology, logistics and distribution. The right combination of all these allows us to have enough stock to respond quickly to orders and find a solution to those unexpected situations customers can find themselves in.

Our Supreminox premises have 9000 m2 of space and room for 14,000 pallets; excellent distribution of space enables us to have enough stock for those last minute surprises.
The warehouse is managed using an advanced computer system which controls, directs and guarantees stock and the output and dispatch of orders. The company, with its technical department, ensures that the entire system turns around the same axis: maximum use of space, distribution of stock in free spaces and automation of the entire process.

Results? Growth, better market share and the complete confidence of our customers. This investment in logistics responds to the needs of our customers in the shortest time possible and, therefore, their satisfaction and loyalty to the company is achieved. This is our priority. 



‘Good price, good quality and excellent service’, for the General Manager of Supreminox, Jordi Bach,  these three words form the backbone of the company. As a company specialising in kitchenware for the catering industry and domestic use, excellent service is one of the company's deciding factors. We know that. And we perfect it to the maximum with all the tools we have at our disposal. Personalisation, speed and efficiency in the delivery of our orders which act as a measure of the quality of service offered by the company.